This holiday I decided to have a staycation, which according to Urban Dictionary can be defined as “A vacation that is spent at one’s home enjoying all that home and one’s home environs have to offer.” (Just in case you thought it was a holiday that involved the quitting of steak, as a certain friend did! ;). Since Hong Kong is my new home, I thought I would try get through my checklist of “must-see” attractions. I did quite a bit, so instead of a long post, I thought I would just do a bit of a photo entry, Here is what I got up to:

Art Basel

My friend, Tiffany, and I began the day at 11am and by closing at 6pm we had only made it through half of the first floor, with this much art from all over the world, I was so inspired to get back to my sketch book. We were also lucky enough to get VIP tickets so we could grab an uncrowded late lunch in the Collectors lounge, with a pretty great view! I ended the day having drinks at the Red Bar in IFC, a rooftop bar overlooking the Kowloon side where you can BYOB, not a bad way to kick off my holiday.



As you know by now, this is my favorite place in Hong Kong, I couldn’t go a holiday with out making it out to have some good old fish and chips!

Lamma Island

My first trip to Lamma, the views were stunning and it was so good to have the sunshine on our skin. However, I will leave it as what happens on Lamma, stays on Lamma.


Tai O Fishing Village

This has been on my Hong Kong bucket list from day one and it met every expectation. We caught a tourist boat forHKD25 and got to see pink dolphins! The smell of dry fish and egg yoke is something that I still cant get out of my memory, but the walk through the village is well worth it to get to the Heritage Hotel for a delicious 3 course meal!

Tai Wai and Heritage Museum, New Territories

I first went to the Heritage museum, where I got to learn about the history of Hong Kong as well as attend a couple of exhibitions. After this I met up with a friend, Lois, from Into the Woods production, who showed me around her neighbourhood of Tai Wai and got me to try out some interesting, and delicious authentic Chinese food. We then really did go into the woods and discovered the most magnificent views!

Sha Tin: Ten thousand Buddhas

This might be known as the ten thousand Buddhas, but there are also ten thousand stairs. I really wish I could have taken photo’s inside of the temples, they were exquisite!


I felt like a small child at Christmas when visiting Disneyland! I have read so many mixed reviews, but if you are a Disney fan, you will love it no matter what. We ate just about everything, went on rides, yes even I went on the rides, when in Disney! I will be buying a year pass so I can go watch those fireworks on a bad day 🙂



All in all, I had a wonderful time exploring my new home, I only wish I had done a bit more exploring of my own country! It is back to work for me, but I am so glad to have my housemates back so that I can have a few more adventures with them.

Love and adventures everyone



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