The wheels on the bus…

I recently had my first friend visit from South Africa! Sally was in Hong Kong for two weeks and I got to show her around. Actually, since I have been here such a short time, I got to get lost with her and figure out my way around the sites of Hong Kong with and be a complete tourist. Which is exactly what I did!


Well, what is more touristy than a Hop on Hop off  Big Bus tour? Doing all three bus routes in one day in your Tekkies, tights, backpack and I HEART HK T-shirt, thats what! (Selfie stick was not included, unfortunately).


Here is what we got up to…


We bought our ticket in Causewaybay and hopped onto the next bus which whisked us away to our first site of the day; Man Mo Temple.

Now I am not an expert on any of the culture of Hong Kong, but as far as I know it is 160 years old and a tribute to the god of Literature (Man) and god of War (Mo), hence Man Mo Temple.

We decided to skip a couple of the in betweens on the first Bus, such as LKF, Mid Levels and the Peak Tram, only because we had other things we wanted to see and one day to do it in! So after having inhaled way too much incense we jumped back on the bus and headed to the Central Ferry Pier to catch a ferry to Kowloon side.


You immediately notice that you are no longer on the Island the moment you touch down in Kowloon. People everywhere in a hurry or trying to sell you something, such as a mans tailored suit – I am still not sure what I would do with a tailored mans suit in HK. Anyway… Ladies Market is where we headed, of course. This place has more people in it than a beach on new years day in South Africa, and nothing can prepare you for that.

We then went in search of the flower, bird and goldfish markets. After visiting the flower market I made the decision that if ever I am sad I will go for a stroll down this road and be among the flowers, what a magnificent place!


Having raced up to The Peak, we managed to skip the queue (A perk of the Big Bus tour) and catch the Peak Tram and a million escalators to the most wonderful and worthwhile view in HK!



Finally we just managed to get on the last green bus and headed towards Stanley, which is my favorite place in HK if you havn’t heard by now! I love the drive through the windy mountains, the beach, the market and of course the promenade where we ended our busy day, with a cold beer and a glass of wine.

This was an awesome day and I realised that even though it was a crazy rush, it was so great to be able to share it with someone else. I also realised how important it is to not only live in a place but to know about the place you are living, its culture and heritage and I can say that I now truly wear that I HEART HK shirt with great pride! I only wish I had been a tourist a lot more in my own country.

I am off to Australia to have Christmas soon and cannot wait to start packing my bag for Summer again, HK has suddenly turned cold! (Who thought I would ever say that!)

With much love and many advenures,

















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