United We Shall Stand.

I have grown up watching rugby pretty much every Saturday. I remember exactly where I was and how I celebrated when South Africa won the 1995 and 2007 World Cups, as do most of us Saffas. There is such an incredible culture when it comes to Rugby in South Africa that brings people together. For a country that has 11 official languages and is often in the news for its division, it really is a phenomenon that one simple game can bring people together.

Having been in Hong Kong for 2 months now and settling into expat life, one of my favourite moments has been witnessing the gees (Afrikaans for spirit) while watching the current World Cup. In watching games you will often hear people start singing Shosholoza at random points throughout the evening and engaging in conversation of how proud they are of ‘our boys’. I know our first match wasn’t the best we had ever seen, but while in a pub in the middle of Asia at 23:45, being surrounded by fellow South African expats all standing and singing our anthemNkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika with absolute pride, the tears did cloud my eyes a little.

The thing with failure or disappointment is that it always shows ones true character as to how you respond to it. Well, I want to say that South Africa, even though I left you and broke up with you for the time being (see my previous post), I have never been prouder than when you cheered the Japanese supporters after the match and gave them a guard of honor. I loved the fact that by the time I woke up on Sunday morning, my social media feeds were filled with Memes and you could find the humor in it all, as only South Africans can.


Most of all, I love that you reminded us that our hearts are in it, no matter what culture, race, age or gender we are united because ultimately, we are South African.

Just so you know, Bokke, we got your back, no matter where in the world we are,

Green and gold forever!



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