If you’re happy and you know it…

I promised I would blog about this so here it is!

On the 3rd of September we had a wonderful public holiday. It was welcomed by all as it meant a 4 day week. Trust me, no matter where you are in the world, Africa or Asia, a 4 day work week is nothing short of amazing!

Instead of attending the usual Wan Chai Wednesday Ladies night, we had something a little different up our sleeves. To explain the scene, it goes as follows; Our flat is like a train station over weekends, where all our friends are welcome to pop by at any moment and so the door is forever being left open for our next visitor. So much so that when a friend does visit us, the other tenants just press our floor number in the lift for them. They may also know this because once we stayed home and it landed up being a South African music evening with Jika my baby, Jika blarring and the appropriate foot stamping joining the African beat. I still feel bad for our downstairs neighbors and avoid eye contact at any cost.

So our house is a train station and I love it, you never know quite who will be popping by! This Wednesday was no different, except for the fact that we built an indoor fort. I wont go into the mysteries of building a fort,all you need to know is that it happened, and it was magical. So there we were a bunch of 26 – 30 year olds drinking wine in a fairy lit tent talking about … well we wont go into that.

My thought was, all my friends back home are getting married, having children, buying houses and climbing the corporate ladder and I am sitting in an indoor tent made of sheets we got for free from some random person, drinking wine. Then it hit me, so were these other 7 people.

That is the thing about moving here, I finally found people that understand that need to get out and see the world more than the need to get married and have kids, right now anyway. Before I offend any of my friends back home, I support your dream, I support your choice to get married and have kids. In fact if you know me at all, I was probably the one standing beside you, encouraging you as you said “I do”. Maybe then, you too could support me in fulfilling my dream of living abroad and choosing another life and to those of you that do, I thank you.

At the end of the day, its not about what your dream is, its about whether or not you are living it out, and I feel that I finally am, indoor forts and all.

DSC_0707   DSC_0709


Much love and adventurous dreaming,


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