The Magic of Macau

On Saturday I had to do a Visa run to activate my work Visa which finally arrived (yay!). I waved goodbye to Hong Kong and boarded my quick 1 hour ferry trip across to Macau.

20150829_112153 (1)

On arrival I hopped into a taxi, armed with my umbrella and a map, which by the way was super smart of me to pick up, as I could just point to the place I wanted to go instead of having a trial and error game of charades. You can immediately sense that you are no longer in Hong Kong! The Portuguese influence is everywhere you look, except, Asian!


I jumped out of the taxi, into the pouring rain and made my way through the crowded streets filled with umbrellas and the delicious aroma of egg tarts and eventually caught my first gimps of the Ruins of St. Paul’s. It was a truly magical moment. I cannot explain the presence of a building like this in the middle of Asia.

DSC_0635  DSC_0630


There were so many things I had written on my ” Macau To do List” but to be honest I threw it away after the Ruins and went on my own little mission. I think this was the best thing I could have possibly done. As I roamed through the streets I came across this little park filled with the most incredible graffiti.

DSC_0662  DSC_0666

After a delicious Pork Chop Bun, apparently the thing to eat when in Macau, I continued on my mission and found a great little Portuguese restaurant to have a beer in and get out of the rain and crowds. The great thing about doing this solo is that you get to set your own pace and there is no one to dictate when and where you need to be somewhere, so I may have had a second beer. I then came across this park, if you know me, you will know I am a sucker for greenery, especially trees and obviously this was an absolute treat for me!

DSC_0685  DSC_0694

The heavens then decided to reopen and I had a moment, in my wet sandals and wet clothing, where I wished I could just be home, I ran into Tom N Toms Coffee shop and had a sweet potato latte, the weirdest wonderful hot drink that was much needed! Just before catching my taxi back to the ferry, I picked up some egg tarts for my flatmates, and sneaked one for myself too (I suddenly realise that I did a lot of eating!). As my flatmate said, Egg Tarts are the closest thing to South African Milk Tart that I am going to get.

DSC_0678  IMG_20150829_201040

So many people had various opinions of this place called Macau, but I loved it! I loved that while there are so many Western favorites, such as Starbucks, Forever 21 and of course, Mac Donalds, yet the Asian flavor remains so strongly – or maybe its the distinct smell of tofu? I loved the architecture where you see how the Portuguese left their “We were here” stamp through the ornate iron balcony railings, the street lamps and street foods. Even though it poured with rain pretty much the entire day, and I got home absolutely exhausted I had the best time!

DSC_0702   DSC_0646

Love and adventures to everyone,



4 thoughts on “The Magic of Macau

  1. This is such an amazing blog. I am moving from Cape Town to Macau to teach in less than a month and found this post to be so helpful considering the excitement and anxiety all at once! Thank you!!!


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