A letter home

Dear friends and family back home,

I hope you know that you are missed, that with each new adventure I am thinking of  each one of you, wishing that I could share these moments with you. I see something funny, that only you would get. I look up at a building I know you would love. I sip on incredible coffee and wish that you were sitting opposite me. I have Friday night wine and cheers to you.

This feeling of living my dream and wishing I was sharing it with all of you is one that brings me such heart ache. It is a bitter sweet thing. A friend once gave me the advice to not compare my reality with other peoples highlight reels, well I would say the same about looking at all my incredible adventures. No one is going to tell you just how hard it is to live this weird life of being in between. Yes, of course it is totally worth it, and I wouldn’t take back this move in a million years, however I wish I knew how lucky I was to have all of you right around the corner. I love that we had our own jokes, that we could marvel at buildings, drink endless amounts of coffee and celebrate with a couple of glasses of wine and that it wasn’t over Skype.

I know, I am having “one of those days” and my good friend wisely told me that my body is probably getting over the excitement and is suddenly in shock. He was pretty much spot on! Don’t worry though, I will be okay, because every time something does remind me of you, I will send you my happy thoughts and in that moment, you will be with me. I have also met amazing people here that have become my family, and instead of wishing away this time, I am going to enjoy the present and make new jokes, enjoy new adventures, drink loads of coffee and cheers to living our dream, even when it hurts, because they get it too and without them, I would be very lost.

I think Peter Pan got it pretty right when he asked;

Would you like an adventure now, or

Sometimes all you need is a cup of tea, today was a cup of tea before adventures kind of day, and that, I realise is also okay.

Love and happiness to you all



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