A Sunday in Stanley

When my friend, Giuli, offered to show me around Stanley, I jumped at the opportunity to get away from the skyscrapers and constant crowds of people. It was so worth it. As you drive through the pass you are met with greenery that makes your heart jump with excitement, or that could just be the bus driver and his mad driving skills. Either way, the drive is beautiful and what waits for you as you step out of the bus is what this move to Hong Kong was all about!

First we skimmed through the market stalls. Hong Kong has every gadget you can think of, even the ones you don’t think of, or need but would actually just make life a whole lot easier.

DSC_0592 As you leave the clustered space of stalls and people, you step out onto the promenade. Restaurant after restaurant are  surrounded by mountain and views of the sea. Sunday afternoon walkers with their dogs, children chasing after bubbles, locals fishing and catching up on their reading, as well as tourists taking selfies at every opportunity, a real treat getting away from the madness that is Hong Kong on a Sunday.


DSC_0605  DSC_0594


DSC_0613  DSC_0621

DSC_0596 It is a day such as this, where I got to experience a new part of the world, that I realise that my life really is one big adventure at the moment. Even with work tomorrow, I got to do this today.

Love and adventures everyone


3 thoughts on “A Sunday in Stanley

  1. Loving reading your blog Jades .,.. feel like I am on the adventure with you! Can’t wait for you to come over for Christmas – sunshine, cocktails and lots of beach!
    Love you


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