A whole new world

This time last week I was wondering around the Johannesburg International airport in antisipation of getting on my flight. I kept myself busy with a glass of wine and some Anti-stress art therapy colouring in with The Mindfulness Colouring Book. As I sat sipping away on my Chardonnay, I was admiring this young woman, full of life and oozing confidence! Next thing I knew she pulled up a chair and we got chatting. Portia was her name and she will now always be a part of my grand adventure!

My friend, the GLAM Portia
My friend, the GLAM Portia
The Mindfulness Colouring Book
The Mindfulness Colouring Book
Kowloon Night Market in Temple Street.
Kowloon Night Market in Temple Street.

I have been based in Kowloon, Yau Ma Tei, for the last week living in my friends apartment. Her flatmate is so great and luckily works for the same company I have just joined. There have been many nights of wine and Pringles while getting to know each other, he has been so good at helping me find my way around and teaching me how the aircon works (clearly have my priorities straight!).

Last night I finally moved into my apartment in Tin Hau. It has the most phenominal view and my flat mates are too wonderful for words, one is off in the Philippines (a word I have apparently being saying incorrectly my whole life) and the other two (one temporary) are absolute geniuses when it comes to putting up IKEA beds with a pocket knife.

It’s been several days of absolute  madness at this end! The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong seems to have swept me up already and my eyes are constantly being entertained by all it’s new surroundings. There is much to say about this wonderful place, but at the moment some photos are going to have to talk for themselves as work is calling me!



Love and new adventures, officially from Hong Kong!



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