The part of wanderlust that hurts

This my dear friends and family is my last post from South Africa! I leave tomorrow on a Jet plane and I don’t know when I will be back again… lyrics aside, it is true. I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone! Am I absolutely petrified? Yes. Am I going to stuff up at some point? Yes. Am I more ready than ever? You bet your bottom Hong Kong Dollar I am!

Nothing really prepares you for leaving though, the saying goodbye to people and places. Our generation has such a hunger for “wanderlust” but as appealing as the quotes on Pinterest look, they don’t tell you of this harsh reality of leaving it all behind. “Travel the world” they say, “I havn’t been everywhere but it’s on my list” they comment, but a one way ticket with no return date is quite daunting. All these goodbyes and I am not sure when I will see you agains remind me of a break up. That’s when it hit me, I feel like I breaking up, not people, but a country. People you will see again, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, you cannot really ever get away from people, but a country, a culture, a legacy, that you can lose sight of. I don’t think it really matters what country or city you are leaving, but what they never tell you about this buzz word “wanderlust” is that, like any relationship, when it comes to its end, it hurts! So here is my break up with South Africa:

South Africa I love you, and all your diversity. I love the way you have your own time that cannot be found on any clock, the way that I can drive for one hour and be met by completely different flora, that when you are from here you belong to this tribe of Ubuntu. You truly are beautiful, but its not you, its me… They say if you love something let it go and if it comes back to you, it is yours, well I am letting you go so that we can find each other again, whole and full, mature in who we are. You will always have a part of my heart, I will carry you where ever I go, always and forever.

In my reflections while I have been packing for my new adventure, I was reminded of this quote: Like wildflowers, you must allow And I will tell you that remaining where I am at this moment is going to hurt way more than taking the risk of getting out there. Often when people ask me, “But why are you leaving?” (which is a lot!) I reply that it is because I am too comfortable;  with work, with friends and family, with where I live, with life. Being comfortable is not ok, dont get me wrong we always need to be content, but comfortable, to me anyway, is just not ok! Some people dont need to go to the other side of the equator to be uncomfortable, some need to change jobs, or get out of an unhealthy relationship, but others need to get on a plane and fly to Asia. That friends, is me.

While saying goodbye, leaving or taking risks are never easy, I will only keep doubting myself unless I get on that plane tomorrow and see for myself if I can master the art of over coming wanderlust, or get through the “break-up” of goodbye. There is freedom waiting for you, on the     Till Hong Kong, Love and adventures to everyone, Jade

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