How’s the packing going?

Any travel probably includes this question from friends, family and strangers at the bank. Packing has been a nightmare, what do I put in my carry on for a 13 hour flight? What do I take with me to the other side of the world? What if I forget something? What if they don’t have my favorite xyz? I have traveled quite a lot both locally and internationally but there is something different about packing with a one way ticket in hand!

The Carry on

Um, 8kg? Really? Are you kidding me? Nope, this is the rule and you will pay, literally, for any kg over that!

I have done a lot of extensive  Youtube research on what to pack in your carry on bag, thank you to the likes of Zoella, Soniastravels, Misslizheart and Ingrid Nilsen! (Its been raining forever, I had nothing else to do okay!) I was going to type a whole long list of things to suggest, but there are so many of these that I decided to rather let you know what I will not be doing, as learnt from previous mistakes:

  1. I will not mistake some fancy lawyers jacket as my own and use it for the  entire 13 hour  flight as a back pillow… awkward.
  2. I will not be taking a sling shoulder bag that I land up regretting it when my shoulder goes into spasm, rather splitting my 8kgs into a handbag and a backpack.
  3. I will not forget my Swiss pocket knife, with my name engraved in my pocket – ok this was my brother not me, come ON! (This includes any sharp object, firearm or liquid over 100ml)
  4. I will not play on my phone and almost have it confiscated during take off… stupid mistake.
  5. I will not bring a full bottle of water from home only to have it thrown away, really how water and my face cream are going to make an explosive device is beyond me. (This is clearly why I am not in the secret service)

Checked Luggage

Once again the limits are ridiculous, 23kgs… I mean if you are going on holiday for a month, sure… but moving across the world? Seriously. Having said this, I am an amazing packer, ask anyone that has been away with me. I even repacked my aunts suitcase once and she said I had magic packing skills, or something along those lines.

What I have enjoyed most of all about packing, was also getting rid of all my crap. That pair of jeans that you will eventually fit into, or the bridesmaids dress you were told that “you can totally wear again”,um no. I just loved getting rid of it all! I donated things left right and center, my family took some things, as only they can do… and then I gave things away. My favorite was packing up all my evening dresses, which mainly consisted of those bridesmaids outfits, and giving them to a charity where they donate dresses to schools where girls cannot afford their own Matric (our Prom/Year 12 dance) dance dress.

There really was something so liberating about getting rid of all the “stuff” I own, but I realised it is going to be even more freeing only owning what ever is in my two suitcases. There is a saying, Less stuff, more Adventures. I really hope to live by that in the next year.

So to answer your question of how is the packing going? I have exactly a week left, give me a break okay! I am making lists though… so here are a couple of links for you where you can download a To Pack List if you do need one:

Happy Packing,


2 thoughts on “How’s the packing going?

  1. Haha, Jade!! I absolutely love this blog… In a month’s time, this will be me, so thanks for all the tips! Hehe. Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures! And enjoy every moment!!!


    1. Thanks so much Jaqui! It’s scary but I know we will look back on this and be glad we did it, rather than looking back and wish we had! I also found this amazing site where it basically does a packing list for you, based around where you are going etc.. I wish I found it before the post! Let me know if how your plans are going or if you need any advice 🙂


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