Local is mos lekker

Hi all!

Yesterday I returned home from a very busy week of local traveling! I decided a few months ago to take on the #take12trips challenge, and so I have just completed trip 4 & 5 of the year! Yes, I should totally be packing and saving money for the big move, but I decided to see a little more of my home country before I left and well, winter in South Africa is filled with festivals. Here is what I got up to…

Trip 4 included a road trip with some of my friends from work, we had an absolute jol at the Knysna Oyster festival, where I ate no Oysters, but drank lots of wine and got to live out one of my life long dreams of walking with Elephants at the Knysna Elephant Park. These incredible mammals are so beautiful and to stand along side one of them was so breathtaking. For an elephant lover such as myself, words cannot describe that moment!

             IMG_20150709_121512                   ????????????????????????????????????

The best part of this trip, besides my interaction with the Ellies, was spending time with my friends. I realise that soon I will be doing a lot of solo travel and often just having an experience with someone makes it all that more exciting! I so enjoyed collecting moments of Maryke with a packet on her head and Gabi with her notorious dance moves (This may have involved a little game called KINGS though)! Saying goodbye to these girls is going to be so hard, working with them has made the last few years grade meetings so much fun! I also got some Hong Kong tips from my friend Giuli who is in visiting SA at the moment, also reminiscing on the good old days of Rhodes rescues and such.

IMG_20150709_152756         IMG_20150709_145050         IMG_20150710_084111

On Friday I raced home from Knysna for Trip 5, only to repack my bag and head off to Grahamstown for the National Arts Festival with my mom. This is our annual road trip and was made all the sweeter as it would be the last one for a while! We saw 6 shows in 3 days, art for days and ate incredible food. We even met up with some friendly faces from our past, my mom ran into ex-Rhodes girls from 32 years ago which ended up with us chatting until 1am on Sunday morning. I also teamed up with my friend from Rhodes, Megs and her mom, for a great catch up and trip down memory lane. Grahamstown will always hold a special place in my heart and I am so glad we got to paint the town red, with loads of Gluhwein!  #sendyourkidstorhodes

*side note to anyone wanting to attend the festival in the future…

  1. Book accommodation WAY in advanced, and stay for at least 1 night!
  2. Ditch the Festival Guide and download the App.
  3. Make sure to get at least one meal in at the Long Table, I recommend their West African Peanut Soup!
  4. Book a variety of shows, everything from Dance, Drama, Comedy, Jazz, to viewing art and visiting the Village Green to get the whole fest experience!
  5. Be a good audience member and actually respect those around you, people prepared, you paid, be polite!
  6. If you are like me and not into eating at the Village Green, I would suggest the following places and foods (These are in Grahamstown all year round so you can take this advice for any visit):
  • Mad Hatters- Soup and Gluhwein.
  • Red Cafe – Any Milkshake, yes even the Avo and Mint one.
  • Saints Bistro – Gluhwein (theirs was the best!)
  • Provost Cafe – Coffee and the Banting Quiche was AMAZING!
  • Rat and Parrot – Beers and Pizza

IMG_20150705_222717       IMG_20150711_213953     IMG_20150705_121807

After my whirlwind of travels I was more than happy to come home to my own bed, I do after all only have 17 sleeps left in it!

Love and adventures to everyone!






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