Hello world!

This is a little blog I am starting for my friends and family, anyone that knows me really well will know that I suck at keeping in contact… Note to self: don’t ever try long distance. Anyway, I will be posting my news as I pack up my life and head off from Africa to Asia!

As of this moment, I am officially done with work, have handed over my classroom keys, said goodbye to my kids and colleagues and am on holiday! This past week has been a little crazy as I have been very sick, however I have had so much admin to do that I had to travel to town daily. Other than that, my flights are booked and I leave South Africa on the 30th of July, arriving in Hong Kong on the 31st!

A friend of mine, Faye, from Uni who lives in HK, is busy looking for an apartment for us as we are wanting to move in within the first two weeks of August. In the mean time I will be sleeping on my friend Giuli’s, also an ex-Rhodent, sleeper couch!

My job is sorted and I start training on the 3rd of August and my little kiddies arrive on the 10th, I am getting quite nervous at the thought of actually teaching tiny humans that are still learning to talk! eek!

I am still waiting for my Visa, as DHL lost the first two packages I sent… the joys of post! So I am holding thumbs that that all comes through! In the mean time I am off to Grahamstown fest and Knysna this week and then I will need to start sorting out what on earth I am going to be packing! (It is already giving me nightmares!)

Love and great adventures everyone!



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